Secret Bag - protect your data from electromagnetic waves.

Bag Secret Bag will protect your data and information stored on devices such as smartphone, notebook, tablet, and even a credit card!

Thanks to the signal blocking technology, including the GPS signal, devices placed in the bag will not share your location data and will protect you from potential surveillance by third parties (bugging block).



A special closing system, consisting of a zipper and a double velcro system, guarantees the tightness of the bag.



The bag was handmade using high quality fabrics, thanks to which it is resistant to abrasion, weather conditions, and at the same time it is light and handy.



The bag can be used for daily use or to protect valuable devices and data on these devices.

The main properties of the bag are:

  • blocking electromagnetic waves, including bluetooth - 3G, LTE, 5G (mobile networks) - WiFi - GPS - RFID - NFC - radio signals - from low MHz to 40 GHz,
  • shielding EMI, EMR and EMF,
  • protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMP), also generated by solar flares.

Available in colors

black and turquoise
small bag

You will secure electronic equipment such as:

  • notebooks (laptops),
  • tablets,
  • smartphones and satellite phones,
  • pendrives, disks and external drives,
  • digital cameras,
  • GPS devices,
  • radios,
  • routers
  • smart devices,
  • credit cards and other magnetic cards,
  • remotes and Smart Home devices,
  • electronic medical equipment,
  • survival equipment and power tools.

Shielding materials

The protective layers used in the bag consist of high-quality copper and nickel fibers, thus creating a so-called Faraday cage, which blocks electromagnetic waves.

The shielding materials used in the Secret Bag have been tested in a laboratory and have a MIL STD 188-125 certificate (compatible with EMP resistance for high altitudes), as well as IEEE 299-2006 (shielding effectiveness standard).


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